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This page is specifically for guidance with client’s websites, there are videos of how to make changes, modifications and updates. Some will only be relevant to individual sites and themes so please choose carefully. They are mostly hosted on Youtube and there are various options for screen quality, most have my terrible monotone voice over them so consider yourself warned!

Worth noting is that WordPress and your themes have regular updates (which is good) and as such the look and feel of the WordPress Dashboard and the theme interface has a habit of changing, most of the time you won’t notice and items can move location but the core is always the same. If there is a major change I will outline it below or re-record the video.

This link is for the Get More From WordPress training site, useful but very long!
The WordPress.com basic training guide – Recommended for a lazy Sunday afternoon

A Beginners Guide to WordPress – loads of tips and tricks
Another very useful ‘how to’ guide site (if you can’t reach me)

A very basic outline of publishing a WordPress Post (youtube)
A good starting point for all new users but you will find much of it repeated on other videos

A general overview of Millypocock.com (posts, pages, menu, SEO) (youtube)
Specifically for Milly but useful overview for all new users of WordPress

Adjusting the images on the Welcome page of Millypocock.com (youtube)
Very specific to Milly’s site, if you’re not Milly – don’t bother!

Entering SEO basics for Bob at the RNLI (youtube)
Very quick outline, useful for anyone with the Yeost plugin (which I install as standard)

Adding or editing an event using the Timely WordPress plugin (youtube)
Useful guide to this plugin’s quirks – if you don’t have a calendar on your site look away!

Editing the custom menu in WordPress (youtube)
This is done on the Performance Fitness site but is suitable for all WordPress sites

A super quick diagram of how to adjust the visibility of a post or page (youtube)
This has no sound so follow the pointer, this simply shows you how to make a page or post Visible, Pending Review and Deleted.

Editing the page content in the new WP theme on Espresso Events (youtube)
This is very specific to this site.

Making simple changes to The Terrace website (youtube)
Specifically for The Terrace Eastbourne but useful overview for all new users of WordPress

The basic guide to using Divi – the theme a number of my sites are built with (25 min video)
This is the essential guide to your divi themed site and will explain how to edit and even create most of your website