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The process

This bit is important because it’s very easy to find ourselves in a project that never ends or heads in the wrong direction.

Lets first establish that we want to work together, if you think the process is not collaborative then please go away – I’m more than busy enough.

Money: I charge £60 per hour, I can charge £1 per minute too which saves me rounding up and down. I will invoice you monthly (if not sooner) no exceptions, this means every month your payments are up-to-date and more importantly – I’m not owed thousands of pounds for projects that have gone quiet for months or years! or are just generally slow.

  • I will charge you for my time in meetings, on the phone and my travel time, I’m honest. I may also ask you for a percentage up front depending on the project.
  • We will have an initial meeting, in person or by phone/skype etc. We will try to establish the design brief, I will make suggestions, some will sound stupid because I probably don’t know your business as well as you do, but I’ll make them and I expect you to evaluate them as I’m trying to help make you more profitable.
  • I will send you a contract so that we both understand our objectives.
  • If I need to research part of the project (like website plugins, print costs etc) I’ll do this while you provide all the data, images etc I’ll need before I get started, I expect you to have proof-read all the copy and made sure you have the legal use of images or other assets.
  • I will not start until I have everything I need delivered in one go (not over 6 days in bits and bobs with different titles) – there is no point, working piecemeal is frustrating, inefficient and things get lost or it just gets confusing.
  • The first design stage will kick off and once I’m happy with it you’ll be presented with the first draft for US to discuss. I will also expect you to make corrections to text based on my suggestions and how the project develops.
  • You will send me your corrections or desired changes in a pre-agreed format, eg digitally marked up pdf, text copied from the web page and edited for me to copy and paste back in.
  • The next design stage is similar to the first and will repeat until we are both happy.
  • Then if necessary we create print ready artwork or upload our website to the internet live. We will both spend time double checking everything, this means every link, title, contact form, email address, phone number etc.
  • If the project is dragging out I will send you an interim invoice for my time and expenses to date.
  • I will expect the balance of the job in my account before the website goes live on your servers, if it’s a print job I expect cleared payment within 14 days.
  • Did I tell you I grew up in advertising? well I did, I’ve literally been doing it for years, so when I present an idea it is the culmination of hours of thought and years of experience, I won’t need to show you every colour variation because I’ve already dismissed them, producing them is a waste of your valuable resources, you need to trust your designers – but, of course, trust is earned. Are you ready for a conversation?

Please remember I own the copyright for design, even after payment in full, unless we agree for me to give or sell it to you. This is the copyright law not my own rules, so if my work is misused or I feel it misrepresents you I can legally withhold my design. Read more here: https://www.gov.uk/ownership-of-copyright-works.

Once we start sending each other information lets stick to that route, if I have have to jump from email to WhatsApp to Facebook messaging etc then we are going to lose track of something sooner or later.


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