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Quick retouch for some coffee posters

As you can see below the top left image was my starting point, I sourced some images I thought would help and the middle right was my proposal.
The client wanted something simpler and darker that fitted better with other assets they have for the brand, so I did the bottom two, the right hand one is for printing on airflow banner material and needs to have higher contrast where the black edges of the cup meets the back background. Time = 2 hours with adjustments.

O2 balloon scene retouching for various usage

Image needed compiling from stock balloon photo, corporate branded blue gradient and stock landscape images. Balloon needed considerable cleaning, brightening, red base to blue, a clean cut out and sharper ropes. Reflections in the water were added – not ideal ones as the camera angle from below the balloon was not available (which is a common failing of stock libraries). Colourisation across entire image needed adjusting and then a variety of sizes created for multiple usage.O2 balloon scene