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You already know I’m a graphic designer but you might not know much about my philosophy:

Simply put, I try to make things better, I make your ideas better I look at how you operate make see if I can make it more efficient and get your advertising working harder for you, I do things like upload design templates to your website so that when you next talk to a printer about some quick leaflets you can give them the best starting point, this keeps your material ‘on brand’, your clients or customers get to see one brand completely undiluted, your message is not confused and the response rate is better. Familiarity builds trust, continuity and quality helps.

I work with my clients not just for them, together we develop their marketing approach and output so that it’s always getting the best value for money and is targeting the audience they actually want.

I’m also a father of two and like riding two wheeled vehicles (fast). There’s also a dog, he’s brown.

Tim Gorringe


Tim assists me with both my businesses, this includes: new logos, vehicle livery, signage, all my advertising and much of the graphics needed by my own clients too. As I am on the road a lot – having someone who understands my needs and can interpret them over the phone quickly and efficiently has been invaluable.

Martin Adams, MAD Group