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One of the first things you’re going to want to know about your new website is: ‘what I’m going to charge you?’
So here is a rough (very rough) idea:

Basic site
One to five pages, possibly even just a front page with good concise information and contact details or form
From £500

Medium site
Up to 20 pages, lots of customisation
From £900

Shop based site
Or a site with a shopping system added, these can be quite labour intensive and this is reflected in the price
From £1,400

Large site
I can’t give you any idea of price on this one as there are so many variables, we’d have to have a thorough meeting to establish your requirements, I’d drink a lot of tea and make many notes, then I’d get back to you with some options.

There are many ways to reduce your costs, there are also reasons for why you should, and indeed, shouldn’t use me for your projects and I’ll be quite honest with you about them. You should know that I charge on an hourly basis so if you want me to pop into London for a meeting, this will add a few hours to your bill, meetings take a huge amount of time from my day.

Hidden costs
There is no such thing with me, I tend to tell you from the start all the costs you should be expecting, but here are a few you should think about now:

  • Hosting fees, your website needs to live on a server, this should be quick and reliable: expect to pay over £100 per year
  • URL fees, your website’s name has to be paid for, either within your hosting costs or as an extra, these are different for every site based on the type (.co.uk, .org, .com, .tv etc) and the popularity, expect to pay £7 upwards for registration and then an annual renewal fee (usually the same or similar fee)
  • Maintenance, yes every site is like a car, they need looking after, either preventing problems or repairing them, they run software that periodically needs updating for security or additional functionality, expect to pay £5 per month and upwards, sometimes this can be included within your hosting package.
What's included
  • Installation and configuration of essential and supplemental WordPress plugins such as:
    • Site security and site backup (these may be included within your hosting agreement)
    • Google Analytics and SEO (basic SEO configuration)
    • Social media sharing
  • Responsive site design (mobile-friendly)
  • Basic training so website owners can add posts
  • One month of full support

Note: website content including all copy and images is to be provided by the client

Some options

The following extras will be quoted separately if required:

  • Migration of existing domain to new hosting site
  • Product sales page with links to payment gateways
  • Newsletter list sign-up with MailChimp integration
  • Sourcing of high-quality images
  • Help with setting up a blog, Facebook page, etc.
  • Maintenance – looking after your site and making offsite backups
  • Recovery – bringing your site back from the dead

Have other requirements? Just ask!

Contracts and Lock-ins

You’ll be pleased to know that we charge for our time, our contract is essentially an agreement that you will pay us for our time, services, products and costs. At the end of that contract we want you to continue to use agentgorringe for everything graphic, but you are not obliged to, we’re so confident that what we do and the way we do it is so good that you wont want to go anywhere else – hence our policy of freedom.

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Please note that there are many costs associated with websites that can be out of our control, but the quote will outline them for you.


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