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Managing your passwords

Managing your passwords

Your online security is very important, more so when your are logging into a service I’ve setup for you!
I understand that remembering different passwords is a nuisance (or impossible), which is why I don’t.

I remember one password, a really good long one, if you’re a client of mine you will be bored by me moaning on about it, so here are two solutions: 1) write them all down meticulously and put that book in a secure safe bolted to your home (preferably fireproof). 2) Use a Password Management System.
Below is a list of the top 5, as rated by various users on various groups, personally I recommend Lastpass.

Worth noting is that most of them are free, often with premium options like mobile apps.

Q: “What’s The Best Password Manager” (Poll)

Total Votes: 11,508


Last Pass









Powerlifting ads

Powerlifting ads

One of the gyms we work with has asked us a few times to put together some advertising for them, both printed and for social media, here are just a few of them – big bold and colourfull attention grabbers. Large format banners, medals and certificates for the competitions are also needed, plus of course updates to the client’s website.

PJL Healthcare multisite

PJL Healthcare multisite

With this client we wanted to simplify the number of websites created for the group and keep them all ‘on brand’. I proposed a multisite install, this is where we have one main website and subdomains branching off it so that they all use the same themes and plugins allowing updates to be done across all the sites in one hit, you also get a single login for admin granted permissions on all sites. All the previous web URL’s now redirect to the subdomains so no older traffic is lost and users/visitors can still navigate between the group’s sites with identical branding, but the benefit of having dedicated staff working on each site without affecting the others.

Clifford Osborne website design

Clifford Osborne website design

This project was built quite quickly and has benefited from continuos improvement over the last year. Working with Pearce Marketing we have this website ranked highly with search engines and it gets results. The site has grown to over 30 pages of quality content providing a wealth of useful information for visitors and potential clients, Paul Clifford also works hard providing frequent blog posts and email newsletters linking back to the site.

Clifford Osborne

Site update for RNLI

Site update for RNLI

Eastbourne RNLI screen Jul 2016It’s been a few years since I rebuilt this site and the only real reason for doing it was that it had started to become a little tired. There are of course a few other benefits to using a new theme including many new features and the ability to make life easier for the RNLI’s press officer to manage the site and get more out of it. The new theme is a dedicated magazine theme and gives us a slightly different set of tools to work with, the front page self-populates the news stories (or callouts) into specific areas based on the categories selected by the station’s press officer:

Click the image to see it much bigger, or just go to the site


Another blog site for a friend

Another blog site for a friend

I’ve quite enjoyed this one, admittedly it’s not the most inspiring of designs, in fact I’ve done very little design-wise, but knowing it’s given Mr L the freedom he should always have had is a good feeling, besides I’ll always be lurking in the background keeping things in order…

RNLI site update!

Just made a few minor updates and changes to Eastbourne RNLI’s website, like the twitter feed that’s been causing problems. One of the station officers said:
‘Is it me or has the site shrunk?’

‘Press ‘ctrl’ and the ‘+’ buttons together, does that look better?’
‘Or lean forward a bit…’

‘There are times when I admire the younger generation for their enthusiasm and focus. There are also times, when they take the piss out of senior citizens with a wealth of knowledge and experience, that I think they should be culled.  I KNOW HOW TO INCREASE THE FLIPPING SIZE but making it bigger doesn’t always increase the satisfaction as my wife often reminds me!’

Sorry, I’ll look into it.

Biomass Southeast Website

Biomass Southeast Website

This is a new site for an existing company – Independent Heating and Cooling ltd, they’ve requested this site to specialise in the biofuels market. This project required a new brand including vehicle livery, logo’s, stationary etc

I worked closely with Emma Pearce of Pearce Marketing to develop the brand, SEO of the site and the copywriting.

Click the image below to go to the full site:

Biomas Southeast Responsive Website