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I’m a Sussex based graphic designer, web designer and retoucher, I make sure your communication to your customers and clients is clear and concise, they will understand your product or service better and in turn be more profitable to you.

Call and discover if we ‘fit’ and how I could help.

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Do you have the web presence you could, or should have?

I aim you get you or your business published online with a feature rich modern site that does not break the bank, you’ll be joining millions of people on the web and hopefully attracting some of them as new customers. All my sites are responsive, which means they are all mobile and tablet friendly.
A large portion of my work comes from rebuilds and refreshes, I keep your content and modernise it or make it work harder for you.

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I retouch images, I’m really good at it too, you will have seen many of my images that I can’t disclose, some of my automotive retouching won’t be seen for another 2 years – manufacturers are a secretive lot. Here you can see just a small sample of the projects and clients I regularly work with.


I take care of many client’s advertising across London and Sussex, from their logos right through to all the little adverts they need online and in print. I make sure they are represented by their brand in the best way possible, this also means I ensure all their material has continuity across all mediums. I even get the camera out sometimes as you can see, Adrian wasn’t over the moon! – his work is superb by the way.

Web hosting?

Of course I do that! well kind of…
Your flash new website needs hosting on a suitable server, preferably one that is fast and secure. The only hosting I currently recommend happens to be with a local company and their servers are in the UK – this is a bonus on Google’s ranking algorithms.
Prices start from just £72 (inc vat) per year which is only £6 per month!
You’re looking for help with a project, you have a short deadline and need someone who sees the bigger picture, but they need to be able to help with marketing, design, web and other technical details or just bits of the above. Where on earth do you start?.. (hint, hint)
“Just make it look nice” I’ve worked all over London and Paris freelancing for the major brands and ‘one-man-bands’, I have the experience and ability to fit into a team or environment that gets your graphic design done well and fast. From a sketch to the final product – I’m like a firefighter with pixels!
“Can you make me thinner?” Retouching is a highly skilled area that needs more than just an eye for detail and the ability to fiddle in photoshop, if you need a creative retoucher to launch a new car or your lip gloss needs a touch more shine then call me – I have a special ‘shiny’ button just for you.
“My web team is snowboarding” Sometimes websites break – and I fix them, sometimes your host or developer disappears – and I resurrect your digital shop window, or better still you’re Amazon and need a refresh from a nice little remote island near Vanuatu. I could probably be tempted…
“Does my bum look big in this?” Your new corporate brochure or team page needs updating, some nice contrasty black and white photography could be ideal – you need someone who can quickly understand your business & direction and get the shots that your customers will love but also reflects who you are.
The leather clad, Mac-tastic biker from the right side of the tracks. I’ve worked with Tim on numerous occasions and have found him wonderfully consistent every time. He’s always a pleasure to work with, always calm, cool & confident whatever the deadline, always amazes me with his knowledge of repro and software from artwork to high-end retouching, always ready with a solution or 2 for every problem and always taller than me. Andy Bolter

Creative Director, Pepper

Website design

I design and build great websites for you to take control of, they are also known as Content Management Solutions. I believe you should be in control and from the outset I give you all the login details and tutorials – but you don’t have to run it yourself, just give me a shout.
Retouching on new product to market

Composition artwork

One of my long term clients asked me to help out with a range shot of a new product to market, here I took the different labels set them onto clean bottles and introduced the water effects and fruit to create the scene.


I retouch images, I’m really good at it too. Here  you can see just a small sample of the projects and clients I regularly work with. You won’t find any before and after shots of people tho, I don’t thinks it’s very flattering or fair.

Graphic design

General graphics doesn’t sound quite right but it does encompass all the different areas of design I cover – that’s a lot so have a good browse around the logos, leaflets, brochures, banners, exhibitions stands, packaging, etc…
Supplement range


I’ve been working with a Gym in Eastbourne. I have developed logos and a brand to encompass a few aspects for potential growth. This little pic is of some early products shot with my SLR for some adverts. I have designed the labeling for a few supplement ranges and put together 3 websites associated with the company (being launched soon). Also in development are the info sheets for each product, a set of range brochures, vehicle livery, general advertising and a clothing/accessory range.


I publish a small magazine (15,000 print run) and I periodically write for it too so I get carried away and post bits here as well, I warn you now they are not the best write-ups you’ll ever read but I can pick some interesting topics.

Pitch visuals

This was part of a pitch for Coke, I put together 5 different routes for presentation for the client to consider a new direction in their summer marketing strategy for their soft drinks ranges.

Considering my services?

Managing your passwords

Managing your passwords

Your online security is very important, more so when your are logging into a service I've setup for you! I understand that remembering different passwords is a nuisance (or impossible), which is why I don't. I remember one password, a really good long one, if you're a...

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A little while back I was commissioned to retouch some cows for an April 1st campaign. My client pmdesign associates needed this little job in a hurry for their client. Below you can see the before and after, plus the source of the main article (North Devon Journal)...

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Powerlifting ads

Powerlifting ads

One of the gyms we work with has asked us a few times to put together some advertising for them, both printed and for social media, here are just a few of them - big bold and colourfull attention grabbers. Large format banners, medals and certificates for the...

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I can’t recommend Tim highly enough; he represents the perfect package of technical talent combined with creative flair. He works wonders with WordPress & transformed the Espresso Events website when it needed a new look earlier this year. Tim provides exceptional customer service & will always go that extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Grainne Stephens

Company Director, Espresso Events

I worked with Tim at McLaren and he is a dedicated graphics guy who is at home with technical graphics as he is with more artistic areas of graphics work. I would love to work with Tim again at some stage as he is a good guy who does work hard. Tony Pettman

Design Consultant, tonypettman.com

While looking for someone who could help us with a website for our new business we were recommended Tim, he walked us through the whole process, met our targets in a professional and affable manner and delivered a site we are very pleased with. We have since used him for other printed promotional material and have recommended him to 3 other businesses in the last month. Nick Flewin

Ingram Business Solutions

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